What’s all the whining about???

Every two weeks a little reminder in my Outlook calendar pops up… “Date Night!!!”.

Prior to my son Chance being born (two and a half years ago), my husband and I went out to dinner quite often. We love to eat out and we definitely love to try new restaurants in the Boston area. We are self-proclaimed foodies… and proud of it. We had a list of “places to try” and looked forward to wandering through Back Bay or the North End, randomly picking a place to eat on any given Friday or Saturday night (or do I dare say it, a WEEK NIGHT!). That was all “BC” (before Chance). Once you have a child, you quickly realize that all those illusions (delusions?) you had about maintaining your pre-baby lifestyle quickly dissipate and “life with child” sets in.

It took about 6 months after Chance was born before we actually went out without him. It was my husband’s company holiday party… woo hoo (please sense the sarcasm here). After that, we called our new babysitter a few times here and there so we could go out to dinner for a special occasion or such. Then a few months ago, I emailed my now veteran (and highly trusted) babysitter and asked if she would be interested in a regular gig with us… every other Friday night, so we could go out on a regular “date night”.

I began thinking about HOW to chose where to eat… after all, these coveted date nights are rare outings and I didn’t want to waste my time on any restaurant that wasn’t “date night worthy”. That’s where this blog comes in. I know many of my mom friends (a term that is a regular in my vocabulary these days) do not get out on date nights as often as they would like either. Staying at home with a child and/or working full or part-time and coming home to a child afterwards, does not leave a whole lot of time for planning or researching where your next night out should be. With or without child…

This blog will keep you in the know about the latest and greatest hot spots in Boston, whether or not they are “date night worthy” and/or “kid friendly” (and why). Additionally, the foodie in me will try to provide some in-depth food reviews on current and past memorable experiences.

I hope you all enjoy this and can gain some information for your future date nights (or family nights). Please feel free to provide feedback and/or ask questions re: restaurants that are not yet listed. We have eaten in many restaurants over the years and also have an extensive network of foodies (plus, I sill DO read the Improper)… so odds are, I will have at least heard some chatter about the place you are interested in.

Bon Appetite! (and book that sitter already!!!)

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