Gimme a Sandwich!

Okay, first and foremost… I KNOW… I dropped the ball! It’s been WAY too long since I posted. That said… hopefully I will be back on track now.

So we headed down to the Cape Labor Day weekend… Sandwich, to be exact… to celebrate our 4-year anniversary and to get away for a few days.

While away, we had the luxury of being able to eat out a few times… at places both worthy and not-so-worthy. If you ever feel like getting away for a night or the weekend, Sandwich is a great and often overlooked spot. Just minutes over the bridge…we didn’t even hit traffic driving down on Friday or back on Sunday (Labor Day weekend mind you). We definitely recommend this quaint little (and the oldest) town on the Cape.

As far as food goes… we had one really good experience and one really bad experience! Therefore, if you find yourself taking our advice and heading down to Sandwich… here are a few tips:

DO NOT eat at Hemisphere Restaurant ( While the location is great (and was only .1 miles from the house we stayed in) — the view overlooking Cape Cod Bay is awesome (it’s right the beach) — the food is overpriced (6 very small raw oysters for $13) and the service is AWFUL (45 minutes for just the apps to arrive and TWO — not one, but TWO — hairs in our dining companion’s salad)! Our overall experience was quite awful… so awful, that they actually gave us our entire party’s lunch order (4 adults and 2 toddlers) for free. I had read that the service and food didn’t leave much to be desired, however the location and the view were too good to pass up. Boy… was THAT a mistake! Just imagine… two 2.5 year olds at lunchtime (BEFORE their naps) waiting 45 minutes to get their noodles and hot dogs… NOT a fun time.

On the flip side… DEFINITELY eat at Belfry Inn & Bistro ( In fact — and better yet, try to plan a romantic overnight visit to this B&B located in a converted church and a beautiful Victorian home. This uber romantic and tasty bistro attracted us after a day on the beach… in casual clothes… and with Chance in tow. I figured they wouldn’t want to seat us b/c it is clearly a more formal atmosphere. I asked for seating outside b/c I didn’t want Chance to drive any of the patrons away with his “end-of-the-day bantering and hyperactivity”! They had a cocktail party going on outside… so to accommodate us, they SET UP a table on their deck and made sure that our requests were made! AND… had no issues with our casual dress (I asked). These two factors alone sold me right off the bat. A really nice restaurant… a Saturday night… a Toddler… causal dress… AND accommodating our request to sit out side by CREATING a place for us to sit. You can’t beat that…

And to top if off, the food was good too! Dan and I both started with the Watercress and Beet Salad (at $8) and Chance had the Caesar Salad ($7)… but without the actual Caesar dressing due to his egg allergy. He had just a plain vinaigrette instead (yes, our picking child eats salad). For dinners, I had a Truffle Risotto topped with Lobster and served with a lobster cream sauce ($31). It was very good. Dan had one of thier specials… Sea Bass with Jasmine Rice and sweet red peppers in a coconut broth. Very delish!

All in all… head down to this place. If not for an overnight, at least for a dinner… it’s worth the trip!

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