It’s Fall. How about some comfort food at…

Comella’s… Home of the “Mess”, as stated on their website. What is a “Mess” you ask? It’s a little (actually quite big) slice of Heaven… a mystery recipe that no one knows. Sometimes it has lasagna, pasta, eggplant, shells, etc. It always has a vegetarian base, with various selections added to it. These pseudo-lasagnas are served as “singles”, “1/2 buckets” (which serve 4) and “buckets” (which serve 6 to 8).

They have three locations: West Newton, Wellesley and thankfully right here in West Roxbury.

This place is the bomb for comfort food. The “Mess”, as they call it, is DELICIOUS. Now, I’ve only had one of these combinations off the menu, but considering how the base sauce tasted and how my “selections” melded together, I am willing to bet the shirt off my back that ALL of these concoctions are great!

The dish that we have had twice is called The Paisan’s Mess ($10.99/$32.99/$43.99 for the various sizes). It is a combination of “the base”, extra shells, extra eggplant (which is breaded and fried) and extra lasagna. One bite and you can’t stop shoveling this amazing slop down your throat. While the prices might seem a bit intimidating, these portions are LARGE and WELL WORTH the cost. A “half bucket” is half a lasagna sheet, while a “bucket” is a full sheet. The half bucket must weigh at least 5 lbs… it’s more than enough for four people, with leftovers.

They don’t deliver , but they do have a decent-sized seating area and a beer and wine license (in West Roxbury at least). An easy place to bring your kids and a great place to pick up some last minute takeout or a dish to bring to that dreaded “Fall pot-luck dinner” at your kid’s school. I recently brought a half-bucket to a friend who just had a baby and her and her family were more than happy with the meal, finding it especially good.

The menu also features items that are not “messes” and a few deserts; though I have not had the pleasure to try any of these things yet. If you give them a try, let me know how they are…

Comella's in Newton

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