Burrito Update

Well, I got takeout from Chipotle Grille in Dedham last night. I said I would try it and I did. Was it as good as Boca Grande or Anna’s Taqueria? No… but it was pretty good, especially for a chain. They have a somewhat limited menu, offering just one size of burrito (which is HUGE) and a few other dishes (such as salads, tacos and burrito bowls). They do supply a small supplement to the menu, offering parents some options for ordering for children. I thought that was pretty cool…

The burritos themselves come in five flavors: Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa and Vegetarian. All burritos come on a flour tortilla with cilantro-lime rice (I definitely could taste both, but neither were overpowering), pinto beans (which are NOT vegetarian… they contain pork) or black beans (which ARE vegetarian), meat, salsa (a choice of four, ranging from mild to hot), cheese or sour cream and romaine lettuce. The veggie burrito contains guacamole by default. We both had the veggie burrito.

As mentioned above, the portion was gigantic… too big really. There was plenty of everything in the burrito. Even though we ordered the most mild salsa, I still tasted quite a bit of heat (so be warned). Neither of us could finish the entire thing, but both of us thought it was pretty good. Will I go again? Yeah, I suppose so… it’s right around the corner and it was pretty satisfying. I will, however, still make the trek out to Coolidge Corner for my Boca or Anna’s from time to time though!

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