Sure, you can talk the talk, but can you wok the wok?

A few months ago I began working for a small company in Hyde Park… Cleary Square to be exact. At first I was excited, as it appeared to be a cute little area — one that I had never explored — and one where I was looking forward to trying out some of the local eateries. Unfortunately, my expectations were a bit high… cute as it may be, there are next-to-no decent places to eat.

My boss buys us lunch ever Thursday, and evey Thursday we struggle to find a restaurant to order from. This week, we got Chinese food from the Talk and Wok Cafe on the corner of Hyde Park Ave and River Street. For Chinese food, this place is actually pretty good. I will say that the vegetarian options are a bit sparse, but the rest of the menu is standard and I’ve been told (by locals) that this is the best Chinese food around. Plus, I like the name! They open for 11am for lunch and they deliver.

Considering my love of food, I have taken it upon myself to find all possible lunch options in the immedate area. I will post as we go… noting anything good, bad and/or downright scary!

Talk & Wok Cafe in Boston

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