What did we do on New Year’s Eve before Chinese food???

So… it was New Year’s Eve… we were home… tired from just having had our annual holiday soiree… and just didn’t feel like doing much besides ordering out Chinese food. Since it was a “holiday”, and therefore a “special occasion“, we decided to order from the coveted Mandarin Gourmet (on the Chestnut Hill/South Brookline line).

Why coveted? Because the food is the best Chinese around, HOWEVER… they don’t deliver… so that requires one of us to brave the weather and the crowds and go pick it up — rather than just having Spring Blossom (our standard Chinese restaurant) deliver.

I knew Christmas Eve was a big “Chinese Food Night”, but I had no idea that NYE was too. When I arrived at the restaurant to pick up my food, no joke… at least 30 people were jammed into the TINY lobby waiting to pick-up takeout as well. Does no one cook during the holidays anymore?!

In any case, I’d like to recommend Mandarin Gourmet if you live in West Roxbury, South Brookline or Chestnut Hill. The food is consistently very good, the service is great and the menu is diverse. Additionally, considering just how crowded and crazy busy there were on NYE, our food was still hot, delicious and consistent with what we’ve had in the past. Definitely worth the “pick-up” drive!

Mandarin Gourmet in Chestnut Hill

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