V-day is going green!

According to Boston.com the New England Candy Company (based in Revere, MA)… you may know it as NECCO… is releasing a list of 10 new sayings for their conversation hearts (those pastel little candies we’ve all given out and received on Valentine’s Day).

The 10 new sayings are a “nod to eco-friendliness” and focus on a “whimsical nature theme”. Sayings such as “Chill Out”, “Nature Lover”, “In a Fog”, etc. will adorn this year’s candy hearts.

When I first moved to Boston 10 years ago, I worked in the old Davenport Building in Cambridge, (on First Street — across from the Cambridgeside Gallery). A few doors down from us was the NECCO factory and the NECCO Factory Outlet where you could buy slightly imperfect candy. They have since turned that building into new high-end condos. The funny thing is, that I grew up loving NECCO wafers and until I moved to Boston and began working in Cambridge, I had no idea what NECCO stood for!

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