How about a little sugar?

UPDATE (1/21): I heard back from The Real Deal and they apologized (saying they felt terrible I had witnessed that) and assured me that action had been taken against the individual and unfortunately, it wasn’t the first complaint received about her. Kudos to TRD for following up…
Original Post…

Or as I witnessed at Sugar Bakery last night… no sugar whatsoever.

I went to Sugar last night after picking up some takeout from The Real Deal. While waiting for my turn, two young men of East Asian descent asked me where the line started. I told one of them it was sort of a free for all and that you just kind of watch when it’s your turn. He also asked if the store accepted credit cards and I told him yes. He was very pleasant, friendly and despite his somewhat thick accent, easy to understand.

I ordered my treats (2 chocolate covered –unripe– strawberries and an iced brownie). The young men were next to order. What I watched was embarrassing as well as disgusting and left me feeling very angry. The young girl behind the counter was having a difficult time understanding the men. She asked a more senior woman to help her (I am assuming a manager perhaps). The older woman got agitated with the men — clearly showing her emotions on her face — and was very short, bordering on patronizing, with them. Once she finally figured out what they wanted… she glanced at the young girl, rolled her eyes, made a face and walked away. These actions and her attitude had to be painfully obvious to these patient patrons who just wanted to buy two fricken cup cakes. Lighten up lady and quit being so damn rude! How about setting a good example for the young girls working the counter… watching how you behaved??? No wonder foreign visitors think we’re such assholes!

Keep in mind… I understood everything they were saying. I believe this act boiled down to impatience and bigotry with races and languages not understood. And no matter what the case, good customer service goes a long way and should be granted to all your patrons, not just the ones you can relate to and who aren’t different from you.

I love the Real Deal and Sugar Bakery. We go there all the time. I would like to pass this feedback on to them… however, the Sugar website is still “under construction” despite the store being opened for almost two years at this point. I also looked on the Real Deal website as well (they are the same owners), but no email contact! Upon closer inspection of the menu, I realized that they have two websites! One is (no email contact) and the “new” website is — where you can actually order online. They should really put a note on the .com site redirecting to the .net site. I plan to send my feedback today.

I will still give them my buisiness… as I happen to know the rude lady in question is not one of the owners. However, that said… I wish I had said something last night.

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