Globe’s Best of the New 2008

In today’s Sunday edition Boston Globe, the Globe Magazine lists the Best of the New for 2008. This includes restaurants, shops, people and things to do.

Included in this list is 51 Lincoln… on my wish list and on my agenda for 2/8. Jeff Fournier, 51 Lincoln’s owner and chef, who just celebrated his 1st anniversary with this successful endeavor — also just secured the purchase of West Roxbury’s Vintage. He is also the consulting chef on a new restaurant opening in Hyde Park called Townsend’s… across the way from Albert Winestein’s — a rather new cheese and wine shop.

In fact, several of my “wish list” entries made it on this list… Clink, Gaslight (which I had to reschedule due to baby sitter issues), Haru Sushi (which we’ve been to and thought was “okay”), Myers + Chang, O Ya and several others I was unaware of, but that sound great. It’s worth a look, so pick up today’s paper and check it out.

Mmmm… the choices are getting better and better!

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