Shag me baby!

I’m one of “those girls”. You know the kind… one who religiously visits her hair salon every six weeks (sometimes every five — depending on the season) to have her hair colored. One who would not even consider “cheating” on my colorist — despite the fact I have dropped upwards of $250 on a visit (more than one time) in the past.

Where, you ask… is this coveted salon and team of stylists I love so much that I am willing to blow my measly part-time salary on something that needs to be “re-done” every five weeks??? Shag Salon in South Boston… that’s where!

Since July 2005, Sandy Poirier has been promising and delivering “rock star hair”. I have been going to Shag since [almost] the beginning and have loved every minute of it. They have gotten a lot of press over the last few years as well. My colorist, Tasha, even had her own Internet TV show on the TLC Channel’s website… it’s called The Makeover Train — which was filmed on the MBTA Red Line!

In addition to all the hype, Shag also delivers what it promises. The color team — with Tasha leading the helm, is amazing. If you have always wanted to get your hair colored but were afraid of someone destroying it, go to Tasha. You will not be disappointed. The other colorists are great as well… including Albana Zeqolli, who made Stuff at Night’s list of Bodies by Boston 2008 — a list of the city’s finest physiques. So if for nothing else, go to Shag to stare at the beautiful people and catch up on some of the city’s best gossip! Needless to say — due to the A-list clientele and the trendy hipsters Sandy tends to hire — these people are in the know when it comes to the newest and coolest gigs in Boston.

Itching for some extensions or a funky new cut? How about a glass of champagne, wine or a cappuchino with your cut and color? Shag has it all. You can even watch Sandy get a tattoo at Miami Ink… yes, the same Miami Ink made famous by their reality show.

Parking can sometimes be a bit tricky… it is on-street parking only. I generally don’t have a difficult time finding a spot… except on Fridays during street-cleaning season. And, while $250 may sound expensive for hair color… that cost is for what I lovingly refer to as “the works” (single process, either partial or full foils and/or a haircut and blow dry). When I get just my roots done, it’s $75 — right in line with every other salon in the city.

The most recent news at Shag is that they have doubled their space… taking over the giant loft across the hall from them. Clearly a sign that even bigger and better things are to come.

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