The Real Deal Super Meal

If you are still trying to decide what to serve and/or eat during the Super Bowl game on Sunday, try The Real Deal Super Meal. As reported on the Phantom Gourmet this morning, The Real Deal is offering a Super Bowl catering special called The Super Meal. What’s so super about it? You get a FIVE POUND Hamburger (think larger than a dinner plate), FIVE POUNDS of over-stuffed potatoe skins and 3 gigantic, icing-filled, cupcakes… weighing in at — you guessed it — a combined weight of FIVE POUNDS!

Speaking of the Phantom Gourmet, if you feel like watching food reviews while waiting for the big game to begin, tune into [local] Channel 38 (Channel 6, WBSK on Comcast) — to see the Phantom host a special Pre-game Marathon from 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

Real Deal in West Roxbury

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