Hump Day

I’m home… I’m sick (with bronchitis)… and I’m miserable! I started coming down with a sore throat on Thursday, so I cancelled my GNO to Sibling Rivalry. I did however, still go to 51 Lincoln on Friday and to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday. I think the birthday party pushed my illness over the edge… but it was worth it b/c we had a great time.

The party was at Club Cafe in the South End… a notoriously fun gay bar (“bistro bar and lounge”), with an interesting menu, though I didn’t do much eating that night. Assuming (and not incorrectly) that I was one of the few straight girls invited, I dragged along my good friend Ami. The party was for my friend “La La” (obviously a pseudonym), who was turning the big FOUR OH (40). To celebrate, her and another friend decided to have an “Alive at 35 and naughty at 40” fund-raising birthday party (with entertainment).

What kind of entertainment would satisfy a large group of lesbians (with a few token straight folks thrown in)? None other than Big Moves Boston and All the Kings Men. Suffice it to say it was a very interesting AND fun evening.

Too many martini’s later and not enough sleep, here I am at home (so far, all week) with a nasty cough, runny nose, sore throat and a voice that sounds like Mike Meyer’s doing Coffee Talk on Saturday Night Live (I can even do the NJ/NY accent — being a born and bred Jersey girl at heart).

I can’t write about food, becuase I can’t taste it or smell it. Even if I could, I have no appetite. I’ve been living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the crustless, pre-made, frozen kind no less) and chocolate chip cookies that Dan made with Chance the other night. How pathetic.

Anybody out there have a “cure all” chicken soup recipe? Or maybe something else your mothers made for you when you were sick? I’m desperate here people… give me some good food luvin!

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