Love is in the air…

Five years ago Thursday (V-Day), I got engaged… six months later, married. And while my wedding day was one of the most memorable days of my life, the weekend of my engagment gives me warm and fuzzies that surpass even the best wedding moments. How is this possible you ask? When your wedding day is the single most important day of your life? You know, other than when you have your first child or when one of your children gets married, or like… when your first grandchild is born, ummm…. Okay, you get my point. We celebrate many momentus events thoughout our life.

The reason the weekend of our engagement was so special to me is because it was celebrated at my all time favorite New England Bed & Breakfast, the Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend Vermont. Over the years, we have visited Windham Hill many times and have always had an incredible time. Not only are the rooms and grounds beautiful, especially the room we got engaged in — The North Loft — but unlike many B & B’s, there is also a 4-star restaurant on the premisis. Homemade breakfasts are miles above your typical B & B breakfast and the dinner menu and chef are absolutely amazing, drawing diners from all over Southern Vermont. They will even pack you a picnic basket lunch for a day hike and have a full bar, as well as a very extensive wine cellar and list.

I hate giving away a place that is better left a secret; however, this place is just too good not to share. Pricey it is, but well worth it. Surprise your sweetheart with a weekend away in either the summer OR the winter (we’ve had wonderful times during both seasons) and make sure to book your dinner reservations in advance, as the dining room fills up quickly (and a sitter if your children are under 12 — thankfully this place is for grown-ups only!)

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