It’s snowing again today in Boston…

So why not begin my month of lists with 5 things I love about Boston and 5 things I hate about Boston.

I love Boston because

  1. It is a historic, beautiful, walkable and clean city
  2. It has a great restaurant and bar scene
  3. There a lots of things to do with children of all ages
  4. You are close to the beaches of Cape Cod and the ski areas in the Green and White Mountains
  5. It is culturally and ethnically diversified and it is very liberal

I sometimes get frustrated with Boston because…

  1. Despite our city having a very safe feel, there is still too much crime in the outlying neighborhoods
  2. Our sports fans are sometimes a little over jealous
  3. I cannot stand the Boston accent
  4. Winter is way too long and summer is way too short
  5. Masshole drivers — enough said

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