20 Asian Products Online

I found a cool website today… Asian Food Grocer. It is essentially an online Asian grocery store where you can order unique and authentic Asian foods, tableware, stationary and other miscellaneous products.

Here is a list of some of the fun items I found. There are plenty more, so check the site yourself.

  1. Sushi Party Pink Soy Wrapper (pictured)
  2. Fujiya Crayon Shaped Chocolate
  3. Blueberry Fruit Jam Bread
  4. Glico Strawberry Pocky
  5. Puccho Stick Melon Soda (not soda… candy)
  6. Hello Kitty Ramune Soda
  7. Calpico Grape Water
  8. Cigarette Extinguisher
  9. Wooden Sushi Bridge
  10. Shiruwan LQ Monkey Soup Bowl
  11. Shrimp & Egg Eraser
  12. Cake Magnets
  13. Wind God Postcard (and pen set)
  14. Lotte Black Black Gum
  15. Disney Apple Pie Cookies
  16. Dandy’s Lentil Pea Chips
  17. Coris Whistle Candy
  18. GP Pickled Lettuce
  19. Hime Dried Sardines
  20. Coconut Jelly Cups

And my personal favorite… which I have actually purchased from Super 88 in the past… Orchids Lychee in Syrup. Mmmm….

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