Chef’s Blogs — They cut like a knife

An article in today’s Los Angeles Times has me feeling a bit PO’d. It outlines how more and more, chef’s are starting to write their own blogs. Which, in itself is fine… but this author also bashes food bloggers who aren’t chefs:

“And the trend is a welcome antidote to the flood of cyber-treacle. Rather than nattering about what they fed their boyfriends last night, or fuzzily photographing their latest batch of heart-shaped cookies, chefs tend to focus on the story behind the food, on the thought process that original cooking entails. And because they are hard-wired to be tool freaks, they treat digital photography as one step up from sous vide — first they master it, then they get competitive.”


I guess all of us “non-famous food bloggers” are just chopped liver and not worth the kibble we dribble about.

I could use this story as an opportunity for my “list of the day” by posting the chef’s blogs she mentions. However, screw that. Let them get their own readership!!!

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