Lights! Camera! Action!

Two TV-related tidbits of info… (a sneaky way of getting my list in!)

  1. A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that filming for Adam Sandler’s production company’s new movie Mall Cop, would begin filming in West Roxbury. I saw a flyer in my local Starbucks searching for a house with authentic 50’s, 60’s or 70’s decor. Well as it turns out, the owner of Kalembar Dune — a sort of antique shop in West Roxbury — was picked. I guess her house has the desired decor and she owns the shop… so they can also borrow items from there.

WELL… my husband called me today on his way to work to report that there were several production trucks and lots of people milling around LaGrange Street (between Centre and Washington Streets). Could this be the shoot? Quite possible… and quite probable. Keep your eye out for Adam Sandler or Kevin James (the star) in our local stores and restaurants! Or… just do a drive by and report back what you see!

  • In another TV-themed piece of news, I am heading to Da Vinci in the South End tonight for GNO. We are going to Da Vinci b/c my friend “A” is friends with the woman who produces The Dish with Frances Rivera for Channel 7 News. Tonight they are shooting at Da Vinci, so we are going for the shoot and then having dinner after. Check pack tomorrow for a full report!
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