Vintage No More

UPDATE #2!!! I was wrong again! It’s not the Daily Catch coming to Centre Street… it’s Fresh Catch To Go and it’s located at 1753 Centre Steet… in the OLD location of Ferns by Sheila Cobb (where she was before she moved to the builidng that burned). Hopefully this is the last update and I finally have my story straight!!!!

In case you missed it on Universal Hub today, Vintage has closed it’s doors. Both Adam G. (of UH) and myself both confirmed the rumors that the joint is indeed closed. It sounds like the investors pulled funds… leaving the management staff high and dry. Bummer…

UPDATE: What I wrote the first time was in error… this is the corrected story: On a positive note, my “source” has said that the rumor mill is talking about The Daily Catch coming to W. Roxbury… in a space on Centre Street (NOT in the former Thai Ho location as I previously stated) — Somewhere in the 1700’s range (I think). Sorry for the misinformation earlier!!!

Also, Jeff Fournier, who was managing Vintage… is set to open Townsend’s and TC’s Coffee Shop very soon. My co-worker caught him on the street and he indicated that they are just waiting for some inspections to take place. So it looks like Hyde Park will finally have upscale dining establishment, that also caters to the local crowd! That alone is reason to celebrate!

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