Kam’s the Man!

After work yesterday, I drove down to Quincy and hit the Kam Man Marketplace… thanks to a tip from Miss Von Stoop of Calamity Shazaam in the Kitchen.

Wow… I can’t believe I had never heard of this place. It’s like a Super 88 on one side (minus the food vendors and not as good a produce section), and an Asian marketplace (think department store) on the other side.

I went down there to see if they had any supplies to feed my new fetish. And they did! And they were much cheaper than what I ordered directly from Japan earlier in the week — Oops….

I was able to score the following:

  1. Two, 2-tiered bento boxes (one yellow banana design, one green –both rectangular)
  2. Two, single tiered bento boxes (one light blue teddy bear rectangle, one dark blue square)
  3. One extra tall triangular bento (which looks like a red bear of some sort)
  4. Several small tupperware-like containers
  5. Several decorative paper cup food holders (for inside bento)
  6. Colorful food picks
  7. Tiny cookie cutters for cutting shapes into food and veggies
  8. A large pizza slice-shaped container for storing leftover pizza
  9. Several adorably-themed bento accessories (spoon, fork, cups, chopstick case, etc.)
  10. Several rice and food molds

I’m pretty happy with my purchases and actually created my first bento lunch for the 3-yo today. I took pics and will post later. It was just a bunch of leftovers, arranged in a color-coordinated way. Not fancy food faces or shapes yet! That will come later…

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