The Weekend’s Festivities

Well, we successfully pulled off both our neighbor’s going away party Saturday night and my mom’s group playdate/brunch Sunday morning. It was a crazy 36 hours, but both events were successful!

I had to post about one of the appetizers I made Saturday night… though I have no pictures because I suck when it comes to that. I made stuffed dates that came out SO fricken good! Keep in mind, I don’t eat any red meat… and these dates were wrapped in prosciutto… and I couldn’t stop myself from WOLFING them down.

Manchego Stuffed Dates

  1. Large Medjool Dates – I bought ones without the pit, but they were sort of dry — so I would go with pitted
  2. Manchego Cheese – Cut into 3/4 in x 1/4 in blocks
  3. Prosciutto
  4. Truffle-infused Honey

If not pitted, make a slice down each date and remove the pit. If pitted, make a slice down one side. Stuff the manchego into the slice, being careful not to tear the date. Try to wrap the date around the cheese as much as possible. Cut each slice of prosciutto into 3 in x 1 in strips. Carefully wrap the prosciutto around the date and place in a baking dish seam down. Broil for 3 minutes, turn over and broil one more minute. Remove from baking dish and drizzle with truffle-infused honey. Try not to down the entire tray yourself. Mmmm….

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