Looks like the insurance money finally came through…

For the residents and retailers in the Way Building in Hyde Park. If you remember, a fire tore through this building, leaving 20 residents without a home and destroying several businesses… ultimately causing $1.5 Million in damages.

We’ve been watching this building all winter, waiting for some renovations to begin. It was pretty depressing looking at boarded-up windows day-in and day-out.

But this week things changed. Windows got replaced, people are working on the roof, demolition has begun… and then today, all sorts of city, fire and police officials have been going in and out. The plywood has been removed from Maria’s Hair salon… where the fire started, and it looks like the investigation is underway.

We can only hope that the former restaurant tenants, Murphy’s Country Kitchen (which was closed for business at the time) and the Rincon Caribeno Restaurant will both open again (as promised by the owner of both establishments), providing Hyde Park with some much needed food options.

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