Will Boston stay a Foodie town?

A story in today’s Boson Globe addresses the issues restaurants will and are facing in today’s economic slowdown. According the report, many chain restaurants such as Uno Chicago Grill, Legal Seafood, P.F. Changs, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s (which has already closed 24 stores, including the one in Dedham) — among others — are feeling the pinch in consumer spending. Trying to offset these trends, many restaurants are offering smaller, more inexpensive options on their menu and cutting costs (by limiting expensive ingredients) wherever they can.

So what does this mean for Boston as a “Foodie Town”. According the study, the restaurants most impacted are the mid- to low-end places. It seems that the more high-end establishments, such as L’Espalier, are doing just fine– with average check amounts staying steady.

As a consumer, have you cut back on your spending habits… specifically in restaurants? What about when choosing menu options… Do you find yourself veering toward the cheaper items? I’m curious to hear what others think.

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