Wanna see the Mayor chowing down?

Then head to the Westbury Restaurant, at 1836 Centre Street, West Roxbury. This small, diner-like restaurant has been a town staple for as long as folks can remember. Located next to the recently-renovated West Roxbury Post Office, the Westbury attracts locals wanting a hearty or a traditional Irish breakfast.

In the four Sundays that we have gone, Mayor Menino and his wife have been there each time — sitting at the communal table — breaking bread and chowing down with all walks of life. Each time, it becomes more and more apparent to us just what the Westbury has to offer. Inexpensive, large-portioned, traditional breakfast fare. Along with the food comes the colorful local community members who frequent this place. From “John” a neighbor who shows up every morning at 6:30am — singing sports-inspired themes — to the Greek owner who walks around and chats up his patrons.

Service is quick and the food is good. The menu includes standard breakfast items, along with Irish breakfast fixins’, egg-white and egg-beater omelets and silver dollar pancakes for the kids. There is also a lunch menu if you are dragging yourself out of bed a little later than usual.

There aren’t many true “breakfast joints” in West Roxbury… at least not ones that reflect the sloppy, diner-like food we all sometimes crave. Have a hankering or a hangover? Head to the Westbury to have your fill. You may even wind up rubbing elbows with Mayor Menino himself.

Westbury Restaurant in West Roxbury

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