Food Blog… Food Blog… Any One??

So I did a Google search for “Orlando Food Blog” and there’s like zero food bloggers around here. Funny enough, this is what appeared at the top of the 3rd page of search results:

Boston Food & Whine: We’re heading to Orlando…
Apr 9, 2008 … Any Boston food bloggers out there that would like to make a “guest appearance” on my blog? All applicants considered… 😉 … – 95k –
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Then I did a search on “Orlando Food Blogs… and sure enough, I showed up again… but toward the top of page 2 this time — and this was on page 5:

Boston Food & Whine: Planning a trip to Orlando?
Nov 28, 2007 … My in-laws live just outside of Orlando, so we head down to Florida several times a year for some family time. … – 96k –
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Very amusing and hey, I’m not complaining! But why no food bloggers? Perhaps there’s nothing to post about around here. 🙂

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