That’s what the sign reads at Kappy’s Submarine Shop — at 501 North Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida. And great subs they were!

This hidden gem is definitely worth a visit.

A 50’s-style drive-up from bygone days, Kappy’s offers their famous Philly cheese steaks, all beef hot dogs, burgers, submarines, sandwiches, waffle fries and milkshakes — at picnic table seating or at the vintage stainless steel counter inside.

Remembering visits as a child, the Husband suggested that we try this place out for lunch. We arrived and I was excited to see this ‘rough around the edges’ find. I knew immediately that we had stumbled upon something special.

Kappy’s has a walk-up window where you can order your goodies. The counter staff is very friendly and ensures that your order is accurate. You can also sit inside at the counter or call your order in for pickup. They offer everything from foot-long hot dogs to 4 to 8 feet party subs.

Most of menu appears to be fairly meat-centric; but what subs aren’t? Surprisingly, there is a vegetarian sub, but no fried fish dishes like I expected. This is truly a Submarine shop… and a cheap one at that.

For lunch, both D. and I went with a Smoked Turkey Breast Sub ($3.55), mine with provolone. The 3-yo got an order of the Waffle Fries ($1.25) and he and I both got a pink Lemonade ($1.25).

Our sandwiches were loaded with meat and all the fixins. The sub bread we chose was whole wheat and was soft and extremely fresh. The huge order of waffle fries (skin on) was great and the pink lemonade was refreshing. I loved this place and will bug the Husband to return every time we come down to visit the in-laws.

After lunch, we drove down the street (to #111) for a little something sweet at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, home of the “Gelati” — Italian Ice between layers of vanilla soft-serve ice cream. I was too full, but the 3-yo got the Blueberry Gelati and the Husband got the Mint Chocolate Chip Gelati. Both were unusual and quite good.

Overall, a nice day of local dining.

Kappy's in Maitland

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