No longer Lost

SPOILER ALERT! I am about to discuss the last two weeks of Lost.

I am two weeks behind on Lost. I am sitting here right now watching last week’s episode of Lost. Last night’s episode is lined up for next. Nothing like an overcast, Friday afternoon of DVR shows!

WTF?!?! This show is crazy… and I LOVE it! I’m going to freak out if Claire or Sawyer dies in this episode. I already read that the Ben’s daughter is killed… and The Husband told me several people die.
Right now, Ben, Hurley, Locke, Claire, Sawyer and Aaron are locked up in the house, waiting for “them” (the people after Ben) to attack. What will happen??? What will happen I say?!
Flash Forward (8 years!)… Ben is in Iraq and sees Sayeed on TV — whose wife was just killed. He’s there to tell Sayeed that it’s the same person who staged their airplane on bottom of the sea (Charles Whitmore). How the hell is this series going to end???
If you have never watched Lost and want to start — rent Season 1. You really need to start from the beginning, b/c the plot is so complex that you will never get it unless you do. Even having watched every season, I still sometimes forget things that happened!
The black smoke is back!!!! (After Ben did something in a hidden chamber off his closet) And it’s grabbing “the bad guys” and pulling them away. Crazy. Also, I think it’s messed up that Ben let his daughter get killed. And, are we really going to find out who “Jacob” is???
Back at the beach… why does Juliette always smile even when things are awful? And what is wrong with Jack? Why is he so sick? And it’s about time that Jack found out the folks from the boat are a bunch of liars. Duh.
Flash forward again. Now Ben is in London. He just broke into Charles Whitmore’s penthouse, and is confronting him on his daughter’s death — and telling him that he’s going to kill HIS daughter (Penelope) — who, if you remember, is Desmond’s love. The episode ends with Whitmore saying he’s “going to get my island back” and Ben replies “if you can find it”. That’s it.
Quickly starting last night’s episode… Some comments (without any details — you’ll have to watch for that):

–Jack and Kate!
–Rose is right… WHY is Jack sick? On the island, people get better. Hmmm….
–Is Hurly crazy or on to something? Are they really all dead? I don’t think so, but the whole Charlie thing is weird.
Uhg… the incision.
–What the hell is with Jack’s dad?


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