I’m talking turkey…

Trader Joe’s Turkey Meatballs with Marinara Sauce that is. TJ’s has always had a yummy assortment of frozen, pre-made meatballs; however, now they have added fresh meatballs and other Italian classics to their arsenal.

At $3.99 for a package of six, these meatballs are not quite as low calorie as their frozen companions… but MAN, are they GOOD!

I decided to try these goodies a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. The meatballs taste homemade, with just the right amount of Italian seasoning and the marinara sauce is a wonderful addition. I do wish there was more sauce though, as you get perhaps 1-2 tbsp of sauce per ball.

When I say I love these meatballs, it’s an understatement. They are ridiculously delicious. I am the type of person that gets sick of a meal after once or twice… so I don’t do well with leftovers.

I ate two of these meatballs for lunch three days in a row last week and bought two more packages on Wednesday and have eaten them the last two days in a row. They are garlicky, satisfying, comfort food. They would be great on a sub or with some pasta. I’ve just been eating them by themselves with a little shaved Parmesan cheese. Mmmm…

You will find them in the refrigerator section, near their hummus, fresh meats and veggies. Definitely worth a try!

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