When a signifcant other’s hobby crosses the line….

We’ve all been there. Our SO’s come up with these “really great ideas”… whether it be a new hobby, a ‘risk free’ financial venture, a ‘cool’ house project or a ‘must buy’ — electronics, grown up toys, gadgets or vehicles. We listen patiently… all the while rolling our eyes in our heads. We are supportive none the less, trying to protect their fragile egos.

Recently, a good friend was dealing with one of these ‘hobbies’. Her husband, a Foodie in his own right, decided that he wanted to take his love of micro-brewed beers to the next level — by home brewing his own beer.

A week ago, we went over for a visit and were the lucky recipients of his second batch (a wheat beer)… which was quite good! Another batch had begun and was happily fermenting away in the living room…. behind a chair.

As innocuous as this hobby began, it came to a head (pun intended) on Mother’s Day. I got an email message from my friend this morning.

After asking me how my Mother’s Day was and commenting on how nice the weather was… she wrote:

Not that I enjoyed it really….it all started when the Husband’s beer exploded in the living room…and it got worse from there……we are going to have to paint the living room, because the beer stains aren’t coming off the ceiling…..

Needless to say, I almost peed my pants with laughter. Good stuff…

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