Who the hell puts mayo on hotdogs???

The Husband, that’s who. I walked into the kitchen tonight to find two lavash laid on on the counter. One had mayo and ketchup smeared on it, the other had mayo and mustard. I looked at him… gagging… and said, “please don’t tell me those are for hot dogs“.

The Husband turned to the toaster oven (who the hell cooks hot dogs in a toaster oven???), pulled out two dogs and started walking toward the lavash. I yelled “wait, I want to take some pictures!” I ran to get my phone — but as I came back and tried to take a picture, he did everything humanly possible to prevent me. He said he didn’t want me to make fun of him on my blog. I think he realized just how disgusting the combo was and was too embarrassed!

In either case… there’s no way in hell I’m not making fun of him now!!!! Jackass…

Not too bad if I do say so myself (the photo that is)… especially with all the moving around he was doing!

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