Zipping to West Roxbury

While watching Fox News this morning, they announced their weekly “Zip Trip” (done every Friday during the warmer months) is heading to West Roxbury (my home town) tomorrow. Gonna be home tomorrow morning? Then head over to Billings Field — starting at 5am, to catch the Fox news crew. I’m curious to see what “facts and figures” they’ve dug up… and if they have any info I am not aware of.

Not sure if I’ll show up… but I’ll be sure to watch the converage on Fox.

UPDATE: I’ve been watching the show on and off this morning and wanted to mention a few things of note. In some of the opening shots, around 6:30am… they showed some ‘historic sites’ in West Roxbury. One of which was a shot of Havey Beach, but they said it was Brook Farm. Two very different things…

The second, was a short piece with the Mayor… where he took one of the anchors to Samia’s Bakery for lunch. Samia’s is a Middle Eastern eatery that I have been wanting to frequent for some time, but it always looks empty and closed. Not so… it seems as if the owner cooks to order and based on the news staff’s feedback and the shots of the dishes, the food looks and sounds delicious. Guess I have to add a new place to my Wish List!

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