Final outcome of Bok Choy salad

I apologize if the picture is a little blurry… the lighting was poor and I was trying to use my iPhone. This is the outcome of the Bok Choy salad mentioned yesterday. It was absolutely delicious and worked beautifully with the grilled salmon (which I just seasoned with a little lemon pepper and some salt).

I’m trying to lose a few pounds, so for those of you interested… I am including the Weight Watchers point breakdown. This food blog thing has caused me to gain about 5 lbs in the last 6 months, so let’s see how a foodie does on this diet!

Salad (alone): 0 points
1/4 topping (my version): 3 points
Dressing (2 tbsp): 2 points
Salmon (4 oz): 5 points

Not bad if you have the salad by itself.

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