Last BO box for a while…

Well… I’ve decided to stop our Boston Organics delivery service for the remainder of the summer… for a few reasons:

  1. Despite their best efforts, the produce that Boston Organics delivers does not strictly come from local growers. How could it? Their service is year-round and, in New England, that means a short growing season.
  2. I want to buy my summer produce locally. I cannot justify contributing to the generation of greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions simply for the ease of having Organics delivered to my front door.
  3. I want to support the local farmers during their growing season.
  4. The summer heat causes the produce to go bad faster. I find I am not able to finish my bi-weekly supply before it begins to rot. What a waste.
  5. The overall quality has been a little shoddy the last month or two. Not 100% their fault, but if I am going to spend top dollar for organic and/or locally grown produce… I want to pick my own fruit and vegetables out.

These are just my personal reasons and do not reflect my overall happiness with Boston Organics. I think they are a great company. In fact, this week’s box was really good! I got:

  1. 3 Apples
  2. 1 Avocado
  3. 2 lbs of Bananas
  4. 1 bunch of Broccoli
  5. 1 Cantaloupe
  6. 1 Cucumber
  7. 1 Mango
  8. 3 Nectarines
  9. 2 Oranges
  10. 2 Pears
  11. 6 Plums
  12. 2 lbs of New Potatoes
  13. 1 bunch of Scallions
  14. 3 Tangelos
  15. 1 Zucchini
  16. 1 large bunch of Red Chard

Geez, it’s almost like they knew that I was cancelling and wanted to give me one final incentive to stay with them. The box was beautiful! We’ll see how things go for the fall… until then, it’s mostly (if not all) local for me.

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