Starbucks Vivanno is here today

So I walked into the West Roxbury Starbucks today and saw that they have formally began serving the new Vivanno drinks. These “smoothie-like” concoctions are touted as “nourishing blends”.

There are two flavors:

Orange Mango Banana — a whole banana, blended with whey protein powder, 2% milk and real fruit juice

Banana Chocolate — a whole banana, blended with whey protein powder, fiber powder, 2% milk and bittersweet chocolate

You can add a shot of espresso to either. Serious Eatshas a some more information on them as well. Here’s what Starbucks has to say about the new drinks. I snagged a coupon off the register for a free Vivanno at a future visit. I can only assume all local SB’s are doing the same… so keep your eyes peeled for one.

The woman in line after me tasted the Banana Chocolate one, grimaced and chucked it in the garbage. Hmmm, not a very good first impression!

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