3-Point Salad

It’s not easy being a food lover on Weight Watchers… but I’m doing well (down 8.6 pounds as of last Friday), so it’s worth it for me to stick to my buns… I mean guns.

I’ve been trying to come up with “creative” dishes that satisfy my need for both good food and low points (so I can have a glass of wine or two from time to time) and came up with the following tasty (and easy) salad.

I’m all about using prepared food whenever I can to make life easier… as long as the prepared food is actually good. For this recipe, I used Honey Jalapeno shrimp that I purchased at BJ’s, Fresh Gourmet Tortilla Strips that I purchased at Shaws and low fat Cilantro Salad Dressing that I got from the refrigerator section in Trader Joe’s.

Basically, all I did was pour a bunch of pre-chopped romaine lettuce into a large bowl. I added 3oz of the frozen shrimp — which I thawed, partially heated and pulled the tails off of, and 2 tbsp of the corn tortillas.

I added a little salt, a little fresh ground pepper, some chopped tomatoes and 2 tbsp of the Cilantro Dressing and Viola… a 3-point salad that tastes good and is filling!

I have made this salad a total of 3 times and it has been just as good each time. You could easily substitute rotisserie chicken if you don’t eat shrimp or some other prepared meat or tofu. The downside is that this shrimp has a really nice flavor to it. I’m sure you could easily copy it with your own concoction of honey, jalapeno and some south west seasoning. I have also added a little shredded low fat cheddar to this with good results as well.

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