Boson’t Best… at least according to the Improper

A few weeks ago, the “Boston’s Best” edition of the Improper Bostonian came out. I was lucky enough to score a copy a couple of days before the real release… but I decided against posting on it. I didn’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction to the awards. Rather, I wanted to read and re-read the winners and carefully mull over which I would comment on. I’m at that point now. What makes my post more interesting, is that I cannot find the results anywhere on line now… so if you missed the original issue, I am your only connection! You are at my mercy! Wah, ha, ha, ha…. (just kidding… not really)

In the 11 years that I have been reading the Improper, the size of the magazine and specifically, the size of the winner’s list has grown exponentially. At this point the list is enormous… including food & drink, bars & clubs, arts & entertainment, sports, people & places, goods & services, fashion, beauty & health, and now… even bridal. What I care about though is the FOOD. I anxiously await this issue every year, hoping to glean as much information from the list as possible… adding to my repartee of what’s hot in Boston (food-wise).

I can say with certain confidence that the list is rarely surprising (if food is your thing)… though, I must add that hidden gems are often revealed in these lists. If you missed the issue this year, the following is a summary of those awards that I either appreciated or I was [pleasantly] surprised about. Don’t see what you are looking for and don’t have a copy of the issue… just email me and I will do my best to get your what you need.

Notable food & drink awards:

Best Suburban: 51 LincolnBFW’s review
Best Bar Food: Matt Murphy’sBFW’s review
Best Bistro: Craigie Street BistrotBFW’s review
Best Burrito: Anna’s TaqueriaBFW’s review
Best Chinese New Fave: Myers + ChangBFW’s review
Best Dinner with Live Music: The BeehiveBFW’s review
Best Indian: Diva Indian Bistro (on my wish list)
Best Lounge: The Liberty Hotel’s Lobby — BFW’s review
Best Margarita: Cactus Club (where I went after Blogtoberfest 2007) — who can forget what happened at Abe & Louie’s the beginning of the night???
Best Mediterranean: OleanaBFW’s review
Best People Watching: OishiiBFW’s review
Best Raw Bar: B & G OysterBFW’s review
Best Tapas: Toro (another wish list place that I have heard GREAT things about)
Best Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Tremont 647 (my friend Andy Husband’s place)
Best Vegetarian: GrezzoBFW’s review
Best Neighborhood restaurant — Back Bay: Mistral (one of my favorite places–and one of my first restaurant visits when I moved to Boston!)
Beacon Hill: No. 9 Park (another one of my favorites — do the tasting menu)
Fort Point: PersephoneBFW’s review

Biggest disappointment? That the ONLY Boston neighborhoods not included in this list were West Roxbury, Roslindale and Hyde Park — the entire Parkway area! What the hell is that all about??? We are a [large] part of Boston you know…

My picks?

Roslindale: Sophia’s Grotto
West Roxbury: Phuket
Hyde Park: Townsend’s (based on what I’ve heard… not first hand experience)

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