Day 3: Too HOT for you?

Well, if you lived in Japan you could guzzle down a couple of bottles of the newest softdrink: Unagi Nobori. So what is Unagi Nobori you ask? To put it simply… EEL SODA. The title of the beverage loosely translates to “surging eel” and the drink contains eel extract along with other vitamins found in the fish.

According to one of my favorite food websites, Serious Eats: “Since eel is supposed to give you an energy boost, the Japanese encourage eating lots of it during the summer to combat natsubate, or heat lethargy. In fact, there’s even a specific day called Doyo Ushi no Hi during late-July, when temperatures are at their hottest, dedicated to eating unagi, or grilled eels.”

And it looks like this addition to the soda aisle isn’t the only strange food used to cool off.

Lastly, not a way too cool off, but strange none the less:

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