Day 6: HOTS

It’s a weird phenomenon really… but folks here in Massachusetts (at least the Boston area) use the term “Hots” when ordering items to put on their sandwich or sub (or grinder or hero… depending on where you live). I never heard this reference prior to moving here.
Hots” are pickled hot peppers. What most of us just call “hot peppers”. I did some research on the web and could not find where this term comes from or any specific details regarding “hots”. Does anyone know the history behind this or if “hots” are different than standard pickled hot peppers? I’m curious…

It’s interesting how different food items (which are a staple in certain geographic locations) are practically unheard of in others. For example, I never heard of Crab Rangoon before moving here. On the flip side, I have never seen Shrimp Toast on a Chinese menu here. Also, this is the only place I’ve ever been where you have to order (and pay for) your steamed rice separately.

In NJ (where I am originally from), a very popular breakfast sandwich is a Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese. I’m sure you are asking yourself… “what the hell is Pork Roll???” I looked it up and it’s also called “Taylor Ham”, but you will NEVER hear someone from NJ call it this.

Even seemingly simple things… like how you cut your pizza (in pie slices or in a grid) varies from locale to locale. BTW—the grid cut is unacceptable.

Anyone else out there experience similar differences like this (I just love a good oxymoron!)? Please share!!!

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