A sign of the times…

I had a hankering for sushi last night, so I convinced the Husband to order from Village Sushi in Roslindale Square. They deliver and they also happen to have really good sushi; however, as of recent, we’ve noticed a few (disheartening) things: Over time, their portions seem to be getting smaller and smaller and the delivery times seem to be getting longer and longer.

Now, delivery has always averaged between 40 and 45 minutes — A bit long by my standards, but I can handle that. Last night it took OVER AN HOUR for the food to arrive… AND — my Ebi (shrimp) Shumai (which is steamed and therefore, served hot) was ice cold.

On the food side, the husband always gets the Sashimi Starter — but has backed away from it over the last month or so b/c the slices of fish have become thinner and thinner… noticeably thinner. Even the fish atop the Rainbow Roll was affected… it was literally paper thin (no joke — see through) the last time we got it.

Now, I can understand needing to pinch pennies a bit; however, if you need to cut costs — inform the consumer OR just make the prices higher. We would prefer to pay more for the same sized portion than to pay the same amount for a much smaller portion and slower service. It’s all about expectations.

Lastly, when I just went to their website to grab the URL for the link above, I noticed that they totally redid their website. Now I have to question this — why are you willing to spend extra money on your website — for a business that is already flourishing and always extremely busy… but not willing to send a note out to customers and let them know times are tough and you want to increase your prices? We’re not dumb… we notice when the portions are smaller and the food takes longer to arrive (I’m assuming from trying to consolidate trips in the car).

Please… you’re about to lose us as customers… and I really don’t want to drive out to pick up my sushi if I don’t have to — but I will. Either address your financial issues openly or find another way to save cash. The current remedy is not working for us.

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