Fall recipes I’m craving right now…

As posted on ParkwayBoston.com… though, there are many, many, more. I get every food magazine conceivable to man… so I am never at a loss for food cravings or recipes to try! What some of you might not know, is that I quit my job (in Marketing) earlier this month and my last day is Tuesday. Woo Hoo!! I mean, uh… is anyone hiring?

While I’m not working, my goal is to focus on my food writing and even more so, on my cooking. So dear readers, if I am as inspired as a I hope to be, keep an eye out for some new recipes and some (hopefully successful) attempts at cooking.

Food Gawker… here I come!

PS – DO NOT click on the link above unless you are committed to becoming obsessed with a website. I advise against visiting this site during working hours. It is addictive. I’m not joking. Yes, I mean YOU.

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