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Holy Crap! Tastespotting is Back!

In addition to Food Gawker, mentioned below… I used to be addicted to TasteSpotting — until the website got pulled that is — b/c of copyright issues. Well, I happened to be on a fellow food blogger’s site today and noticed that she still had a link to TS up. For the heck of it I clicked on it and low and behold… Taste Spotter is back!!!

How am I possibly going to split my time between these two sites??? Such a conundrum…

Speaking of Conundrum — if you haven’t tried this wine, it’s my favorite white and worth a taste!

UPDATE: I just did a quick comparison of the two sites and there is a LOT of overlap. Not sure how it works, if one site pulls from another or if posters upload their pics to both sites, but we warned that they are not mutually exclusive to one another. That’s okay though…

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