We are boycotting Thai Spice in W. Roxbury

We love Thai Spice, really… we do. So do most folks in this area, as their portions are always huge, their ingredients fresh and their food is delicious. We love them even more… because the deliver. Alas, it may have been their “delivery skills” that has put the nail in the coffin for us. You see, Thai Spice has historically exaggerated on the amount of time it will take for your meal to be ready. If they say 30 minutes, expect 45 to 60… even if you are picking up rather than getting delivery.

Last night, this continuous form of delivery time estimations was completely abused on their part. We went to a friend’s house in Roslindale and decided to order Thai for dinner. We placed our order at 5:15pm… a time that is quite early by delivery-standards. They quoted us a time of 30 to 45 minutes. Not too bad… we could hopefully keep ourselves and two almost 4-yo’s at bay until the food arrived.

Then… 6pm came and went. 6:15pm came and went — so we called them, they said it was “almost done”. You mean, it hasn’t even left the building yet??? We waited.

6:30 came and went. 6:45 came and went. We called again and were told it was “on the way”. Our friend tried to explain to the woman on the other end of the line how upset he was by this… but he had a very difficult time getting a word in edgewise b/c the woman just kept rambling on and on. Our friend then tried to explain to the woman how this was bad business and is not a good customer service practice. She hung up on him. WTF???

Very frustrating. The food arrived a little after 7pm — almost 2 HOURS after we placed our order! We only had 2 dinners, 1 rice dish and 3 appetizers. The food was good, it was still warm (no piping hot) and the adults survived (barely)… but the kids were in a tizzy and stuffed themselves on Go-gurts before the food even arrived. If you have children, you understand what a 4-yo with low blood sugar, surviving on a sugar-ladened dinner can be like. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

While I typically love their food, this blatant lack of customer service is more than I can handle. I’m done. So what am I going to do? Give my business to Phuket and encourage you to do the same. They are a bit more expensive (for dinners, but have a great and very inexpensive lunch special) and do not deliver… but their food is phenomenal. Pay them a visit… PLEASE. And if you go to Thai Spice, let them know BFW says to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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