Food Gawker won again…

It has this way of sucking me in. I’m addicted… I can’t help it.

I was on earlier this week — drooling over the food porn and looking for something interesting to cook, when I came upon something that stopped me in my tracks. It was a particularly chilly day, so when my eyes landed on the following scrumptious picture, I HAD to click!

See what I mean? IRRESISTIBLE!

This is Mulligatawny soup, as posted by A Smart Mouth… a food blog I had yet to happen upon. I’m sure glad she posted this picture on Food Gawker, because if not, I may have never found this recipe.

I’ve been dying to make this all week and finally scored some free time yesterday to organize my ingredients and get to work on the task of my “first real Indian dish”. I’ve been a bit daunted by cooking Indian food in the past, as true Indian cuisine often relies on many steps and loads of ingredients — a labor intensive commitment.

I spent about 2 hours chopping, measuring, cooking and such — and the end result was a DELICIOUS meal. Of course, the almost 4-yo walked in the house last night and said “what’s that smell??” (as he made an awful face) and I said “it’s the soup I made for dinner!” His response? “I’m not having soup”. Whatever…

My guess is that (in addition to the house) I smelled pretty pungent myself, from having toasted the spices in the kitchen all afternoon. It was well worth it though. We served the soup on top of a little lime-infused Thai rice and both the Husband and I could not get enough. Thank you Anjuli Ayer (of A Smart Mouth)… your mom’s recipe is fabulous!!! (and yes, my soup actually looked like this picture too!)

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