Hi, my name is Tammy and I’m a….

Me: Hi, my name is Tammy and I’m a Facebookaholoic
Group: Hi Tammy!

Me: It all started about a year ago… maybe a little more… before most folks had even jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. I figured why not? I don’t have a MySpace page… maybe I could use Facebook to post pictures of my family to share with friends. That’s all…
Group Leader: That’s how it always starts. Then what happened?

Me: Well, as the year progressed, more and more of my friends starting using FB. And then my family too. Before I knew it, I was on FB all the time, almost “spying” on folks to see what they were up to. It became addictive.
Group Leader: We have all been there, Tammy. But why are you here today? What made you realize you were in too deep?

Me: Well, first I downloaded the FB application onto my iPhone… just for the fun of it. Then, I found I was updating my status several times a week. Then it was several times a day. Then, it was like “Tammy is sitting at a red light on Washington Street.”
Group Leader: You updated your status while driving???

Me: Well, not while driving, but at red lights? HEY… I’m here because I have a problem… OKAY?
Group Leader: Go on…

Me: I became a voyeur and on the flip side, wanted everyone to know what I was doing at all times. I stopped sending emails, I stopped calling people… hell, I even stopped using my Instant Messenger… though, admittedly so, I still text on my phone quite often.
Group Leader: You know Tammy, we have an iPhoneaholics group meeting here tomorrow night.
Me: Whatever.

Me: I realized that was spending more time on Facebook then I was doing the other things I loved — like reading, cooking and most importantly — writing on my food blog. Of course, The Husband’s “spending freeze” wasn’t helping my food-writing cause, but I figured if I could spend THAT much time on Facebook… why couldn’t I come with some interesting posts for my food blog???
Group Leader: Tammy… don’t you also have a Boston Food & Whine Facebook page that you never update?

Me: F**k off! I’m sorry — it’s a sore spot… I mean, I’m not sure how often people even visit that page, so I haven’t spent much time doing anything with it.
Group Leader: Maybe you could start there… try to focus some attention on that FB page as well. It would take some effort, but would perhaps draw your attention away from your personal FB page and allow you to use your creative juices elsewhere.

Me: Hmmm… maybe. But what if I get sucked into that page as well?
Group Leader: How will you know if you don’t try?

Me: Okay. Maybe I can start by just reminding my fellow foodies about food events that are coming up… things in and around Boston that might be of interest to them? Low commitment… but still dynamic content?
Group Leader: Sounds like a plan. And what about your personal FB page… do you think you can spend less time obsessing about yours and your friend’s status updates?

Me: Goooo tooo helllllllllllll!!!!!
Group Leader: Tammy! Come back! Don’t‘ run away… we can help you! Damn… lost another one.

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