Yes… I have been. It’s been a crazy few weeks… and I apologize to my readers for hanging low. We were in Orlando for Thanksgiving, came home on the Friday after and by Saturday afternoon, I was back on a plane — flying out to Columbus Ohio to help my sister with some personal issues (a crazy — literally — soon-to-be-ex husband).

My sister came back to Boston with me and stayed with us until this past Wednesday… so needless to say, things have been a bit chaotic. I’m back now though and that’s all that matters.

So this week begins my big meal planning for my annual holiday soiree (which I am hosting this up-coming weekend). I will be pouring over cookbooks, journals and magazines — deciding on what the perfect finger foods will be.

I have other things to write about as well… food news from Florida, a visit to a West Roxbury restaurant and various other cooking notes. I promise that I will be back soon!

In the interim… be warned… Ohio is NOT for food lovers! Unless you get off on having beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner — a culinary hot spot, it is not. Granted, I was visiting under less-than-desirable circumstances, but this wasn’t my first visit there. I’ve suffered in this foodie old school state before. It sucks!!!!

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