1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die (11-18)

Two days down…. but they don’t really count because it’s not 2009 yet. Dammit….

So now the question is… what can we do with this on-going list? Have you had any of the items listed so far? Comments, suggestions, recipes, etc?

From this list, I have personally had Gooseberries (we had a neighbor with several bushes when I was growing up). I still sometimes come across them in Trader Joe’s. They don’t taste as good as I remember them tasting when I was a kid… but it could be because they were picked too early. From what I’ve read, unless left to ripen on the vine, they tend to be very firm and tart.

I’ve not had the Miracle Berry yet… but know several people who have and I also received a single berry for my 40th b-day. Just saving it for the right time…

I have also had Acai berry in various forms… smoothies, juices, etc. It’s good… definitely a little tart and quite tangy. A strongly flavored berry…

I also had wild Alpine Strawberries as a kid — they grew in a field up the road from us. We used to walk up there and pick them (which I always got a kick out of)…. they are tiny, so you need a bunch of fruits to make an impact on your appetite. VERY sweet and very intensely flavored. I was actually able to purchase some this past summer when we were on Martha’s Vineyards — the Fiddlehead Farmstand had them.

Of the items listed below… I am most interested in knowing more about the Riberry. It sounds interesting… I may have to check out Russo’s to see if they ever get them.

  1. Alpine Strawberry: Tiny, delectable and wild; smaller than a currant and highly fragrant
  2. Mara des Bois Strawberry: Hybrid of four different strains of berry; firm flesh with a balance of sweetness and acidity
  3. Casseille: Hybrid cross of black currant and gooseberry; similar to a currant with less of an assertive taste
  4. Gooseberry: Can be tart or sweet and refreshing; used in pies and jam
  5. Miracle Berry: I’ve discussed this one before… chew the flesh, spit out the pit and everything you eat after — no matter how sour — will taste sweet!
  6. Sea Buckthorn: Citric taste with a fresh aroma to passion fruit; used in herbal medicine and skin care
  7. Acai: Acidic and discreetly bitter; some compare it to chocolate; becoming known as a “superfood
  8. Riberry: Seedless with a watermelon texture and aromatics of cinnamon and clove; delicious when paired with chocolate

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