1001 FTEBYD (20 – 26)

The list continues…

  1. Mazhanje: Tropical African fruit with a honey, sweet flavor; tastes like a cross between an orange and a pear
  2. Barhi Date: Crisp, firm and slightly fibrous; mild astringency; notes of sugarcane, cinnamon, cooked fruit and candied nuts
  3. Mamoncillo: Also known as a genip, honey berry and Spanish lime; realted to rambutan and longan; slightly tarter but with a fruity sweetness like a cross betweeen a mango and grape.
  4. Rainier Cherry: Sweetest of all sweet cherries; firm, juicy, yellow flesh
  5. Griotte: Sour cherry; pleasantly tart with notes from coffee to sweet
  6. Acerola: World’s richest natural source of vitamin C; pleasantly sour-cherry taste with a hint of lime
  7. Pitanga: Similar to a cherry, but with eight “ribs”; stronger and sharper than a cherry with a refreshing hint of bitterness

Of these, the only one’s I’ve had are Rainier Cherries and then Acerola… but only in the form of Vitamin C tabs… never the real fruit.

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