Phuket for Lunch… WITH The Boy

Phuket has been in West Roxbury for a few years now. I’ve blogged about it before, but this is the first time we’ve given them a try for lunch. They don’t have a website, so if you want to see a menu you will have to go into the restaurant and pick one up.

We arrived early on a Monday… around 11:30am — with the 4-yo in tow. The dining room was empty and it seemed like they weren’t quite ready for us. None of the tables were set and we had a wait a couple of minutes until someone came out of the kitchen to seat us (they open at 11am).

Using “The Husband’s Birthday” as an excuse to fill our bellies with fat, both of us ordered a Thai Iced Tea ($2.50). The tea arrives innocent enough…

But when you add in the heavy cream and the simple syrup (aka – liquid sugar), the divine cocktail punches (what I’m assuming to be) a whopping amount of fat and calories. Boy is it good though! And watching the cream swirl around in the tea is a fun distraction for pre-schoolers… so well worth the indulgence in my book.

Phuket has a set of Lunch Specials and it’s quite a good deal. One side of the menu lists dishes that are all $5.95 and the other side of the menu lists dishes that are $6.95. All meals come with a salad and the portions are definitely a fair size… and very filling.

The salad is simple… made up of fresh Ice Berg lettuce with shredded carrots and is served with a thin, sweet and spicy Thai dressing. It was very refreshing and left a nice after bite. The 4-yo enjoyed playing with his salad more than eating it and wouldn’t try the dressing… but what else is new?

Having the world’s pickiest eater with you at an ethnic restaurant is a risky and painful situation. Knowing that The Boy won’t each much, we asked if they could make Chicken Teriyaki— but without the chicken. They thought we were crazy at first, but when I explained that The Boy just wanted noodles with vegetables and Teriyaki sauce, they were very happy to oblige. The result was a tasty pile of thick noodles and fresh veggies. We are pretty sure all the food contains MSG — as The Husband has a slight reaction to MSG and he felt weird after we ate there — so make sure you ask if you are allergic to it. I don’t remember if the menu mentions it.

Being the (sometimes boring) eater that I am, I went with my favorite dish of theirs — the Bird’s Nest with Shrimp. No, that’s not right… I’m not boring. If I find a dish that I absolutely love, I find it very difficult to order something other than that food. I’m a slave to satisfaction I suppose — and my dish was superb. It was sweet, spicy and the vegetables were very fresh. The shrimp seemed to be a bit borderline on the freshness scale, but the taste of the sauce made up for it.

The Husband went with a traditional Chicken Pad Thai. Again, another delicious dish. If you take into consideration the price points of these dishes, coupled with the size and flavor — this place offers a great option for a bargain lunch.

By the time we left at 12:30, a few more of the tables had filled in… though it still wasn’t packed. The people around us seemed to be raving about their food as well. The place is definitely kid friendly, but it is quiet — so parents of rambunctious children be warned. The cups have lids though… and I take that as a universal sign of kid friendliness. I’ve read mixed reviews on Yelp, but so far… we have had a great experience each time we’ve eaten here.

Overall, a decent setting (except for the awful country music playing in the background), good service, alcohol (to drown out the music), kid-friendly cups and food choices and delicious authentic dishes — at very fair prices… what more do you need?

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