The Wine Gallery — New Store in Dedham Mall

Opening a few weeks before Christmas, the newest branch (and third location) of the Wine Gallery (whose flagship store is in Brookline) seems to be settling in. I swung by here last week after a quick stop at Chipotle Grill. The Store Manager, Wes, was welcoming and did a great job at answering some basic questions I had about this newest location.

While not 100% setup yet, the inside of the store is quite spacious and open. Not as large as it’s counterparts, but offering a decent selection of wine none the less. Soon to come will be the store’s signature attraction — the Wine Jukebox. A selection of popular and/or new wines setup in a special serving device that allows patrons to taste wines whenever they visit — not just on special days and times.

The Brookline Jukebox contains an impressive 22 wine selection; the Dedham branch (due to size restrictions) will contain fewer — at 8 white and 8 reds. Not bad though… for a “taste anytime you want” option. The Jukebox should be installed over the coming months and will appear on the wall immediately to your left when you walk into the store.

Currently (or as of last week at least) there are no chilled wines; however, that will change soon enough. Wes assured me that this was because they are waiting for their wine refrigerator to be delivered.

One thing the store is quite proud of is the fact that not only is there selection of wine diverse, but additionally, the offer one of the largest beer selections around… allowing customers to purchase individual bottles in order to try new brands and flavors. Their website also

The Wine Gallery is currently running a special — Six Winter Wines for $60. At $10 a bottle, this is a decent bargain and gives you an opportunity to try some wines you may not be familiar with. The store also has a customer program that provides discounts on purchases of as few as 3 bottles of wine (5% off). Just ask to sign up and you will get one of those little savings cards you attach right to your key chain and will be also made aware of any specials via email.

As I poked around the store, I was impressed by the decent selection. One big surprise however, were the seriously jacked up prices on some of my favorite wines. For example, a bottle of (formerly Caymus) Conundrum goes for $34.99. WOW. I can get that at Trader Joe’s, Gary’s Liquors or even Blanchard’s at less than $25. It’s often on sale for $20.99… even at Macy’s Liquors.

I questioned Wes on this and he told me it was because the Wine Gallery doesn’t have the (financial) returns or size to purchase these wines in large enough quantities to lower the sale price (like some of the stores mentioned above). I’m not clear on why anyone would want to buy wines priced 50% higher than stores just down the street.

My thoughts are… don’t carry wines you can’t offer at a bargain — or at least, sell wines that are harder to get and are more rare.

Definitely a place worth checking out. I love the idea of the Jukebox and they have won “Best of” awards for a few years running… which hopefully means something. Also, even though there are several liquor stores in the vicinity, this is the only one in the Dedham Mall area and would be a great place to pick up some beer or wine after grabbing dinner at Five Guys Burger and Fries or Chipotle Grill.

Note: That is all the do carry… beer and wine (no full liquor licenses were left in Dedham). Lastly, they are currently nurturing a relationship with Stop and Shop — which would allow them to hold wine tastings in the grocery store. Hey fellow moms… can you say “HELL YES!”

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