Boston Magazine’s “50 Best Restaurants”

For their first issue of the new year, Boston Magazine researched and then listed The Fifty Best Restaurantsbased on a compilation of data that included opinions from the all the local food reviewers, food magazines, newspapers and Internet sites. They sorted the raw data, weighed their own opinions a little heavier and came up with the follow50-besting list.

I thought it would be fun to check off those I’ve been to and to set a goal to eat at those I have not. In fact, once we start “date night” up again, I plan to use this as my priority list. Speaking of priority, this list appears in the order of highest “score” to lowest. Most of my favorites are on here… so I think the list is fairly accurate; though, there are definitely a few I would have swapped around. And I’m definitely more anxious and excited to eat at some of these places than others… but the majority vote is generally correct, so we’ll see.

  1. O Ya
  2. L’Espalier
  3. No. 9 Park
  4. Clio
  5. Aujourd’hui
  6. Radius
  7. Hungry Mother
  8. Hamersley’s Bistro
  9. Oleana
  10. Cragie on Main
  11. Meritage
  12. Salts
  13. Oishii
  14. Uni
  15. Ten Tables
  16. Neptune Oyster
  17. Icarus
  18. Persephone
  19. Mistral
  20. Sorellina
  21. Rialto
  22. B & G Oysters
  23. Troquet
  24. Lumiere
  25. Pigalle
  26. Toro
  27. Blue Ginger
  28. Upstairs on the Square
  29. Excelsior
  30. Benatti
  31. Sage
  32. T.W. Food
  33. Locke-Ober
  34. Taranta
  35. Rendezvous
  36. L’Andana
  37. The Butcher Shop
  38. Via Matta
  39. Dante
  40. Scampo
  41. 51 Lincoln
  42. Lineage
  43. Bistro 5
  44. Grill 23
  45. East Coast Grill
  46. Estragon
  47. Union Bar and Grille
  48. Il Capriccio
  49. Bin 26 Enoteca
  50. Avila

That leaves 26 Restaurants I need to try this year. Pretty aggressive goal.

Any other thoughts, comments or arguments regarding this list???

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