BFW’s Favorite Caprese Salad

I love Caprese Salad…. I mean I REALLY LOVE it. I make it all the time. I could probably eat it every day.

Even though tomatoes aren’t in season right now, the “Gourmet Medley Tomatoes” from Trader Joe’s aren’t so bad for the winter. I just dice up the cherry varieties, add some chopped fresh mozzarella, fresh basil (if I have it)… this time I didn’t, so I used the tubed variety. I top it with a few grinds of sea salt, some fresh pepper, olive oil and then, instead of balsamic, I add a heaping tablespoon of capers and some of the brine (which is generally white balsamic) from the jar.


This was my lunch the other day. Funny enough… sitting on the counter in front me is a Sicilian from the Real Deal Deli in West Roxbury. What is that you ask? What else… tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich! Mmm… I’m off to gorge myself…

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